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Deep AI forbiological images.

Easily train and run AI image analysis to dramatically accelerate your scientific discovery.

Trusted by fast-paced R&D teams like:

plus Fortune 500 pharma and hundreds of academic labs

Train AI from your images, run in one click. No code required.

Biodock makes deep AI easy to train, run, and interpret, radically improving the accuracy and consistency of image analysis.

Label images, get a custom AI pipeline

Transform your images to a powerful AI analysis pipeline in an afternoon.

Label 10 times faster with Autolabel

With Autolabel, you can label rapidly using AI trained on thousands of bioimages. See how Autolabel works in 25 seconds here.

Train and launch directly from our platform

When you click train, we take your annotations and rapidly transform them into a one-click analysis powered by your new AI model.

Highly accurate and consistent models

The newest deep AI vision transformer models provide powerful performance. Easily create versions and normalize for acquisition differences.

One-click to analyze data with AI

Once trained, your AI pipelines run in a single click from our distributed platform built for scientists.

Blazing fast at any scale

We run your images in parallel on large clusters to achieve up to 3000x acceleration on larger jobs. Start multiple jobs at a time.

Built-in comparison of experimental groups

Visualize differences between your experimental groups with exportable plots and statistics. Crossfilter subpopulations like flow cytometry.

Interactive object viewer and editor

Our interactive viewer allows you to visualize detected objects with overlays and dive into quantitative metrics like area and signal intensity.

Easy to use and understand

Run your AI pipeline without configuration, installation, or code. Our clear online docs and intuitive interface make Biodock easy to onboard for any scientist.

Watch a quick video demo

See how easy it is to train, deploy, and run a powerful AI pipeline for any analysis

End-to-end deep AI platform for scientists

Connect data from anywhere, and easily label and train to create powerful quantitative AI modules. Our powerful compute execution and results dashboard help you run and interpret your analysis quickly.

Collaboratively label your images in our AI Model Dashboard to quickly put together a training set.

Then, convert it into a versioned AI pipeline custom built for your images by clicking Train.

Organize your files in one place and connect images in from cloud providers like S3, or Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox.

Biodock allows for seamless zoomed viewing on multi-GB images and file sharing with one click.

Biodock runs across massive clusters to rapidly and reliably run any size of job up to a thousand times faster.

Just click run on your trained AI module, with zero parameters, code, or configuration.

Results drop into our Dashboard, where they are ready for data and graph export, as well as powerful population grouping and statistical comparison.

For every object detected - get quantitative metrics like area, x-y position, orientation, roundness, and intensity expression.

Visualize every prediction and correct objects with our object editor.

Fit for any biological images

Train and use AI across any 2D acquisition type, label or label-free. Use images from human, animal, prokaryote, or inorganic model.

Single mitochondrial identification from transmission electron microscopy images.

Single human cell identification from cultured dish brightfield images.

Nerve fibers and epidermal layer identification in human IF skin biopsy images.

Intestinal villi and erosion identification in murine H&E stained intestinal tissue sections.

Collagen stained region identification in human breast cancer tissue.

Brown-stained infiltrated immune cell identification in human breast cancer tissue.

Built with features for bio R&D

Biodock is built with security, integrations, support, and use policies that just make sense for biotech companies.

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Integrated with your data

Upload or use our integrations for AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

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Enterprise-grade security

SOC2 Type II certified, annual penetration tests, encryption in-flight and at rest. Read more.

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Rapid support, anytime

2-hour response times during business hours included with most commercial plans.

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Simple privacy and IP

Own the IP you discover. We never sell or share your data. Download data out anytime.

Biodock labeled and trained a custom AI model for us, achieving human-level performance and allowing us to expand our image analysis pipeline.

Brad Lang, PhD
VP of Research, Convelo Therapeutics

Biodock enabled us to provide controlled access to our analysis for our scientific partners, enabling them to easily analyze their results on the cloud without distributing our internal algorithms.

Ivan Pushkarsky, PhD
CEO, Forcyte Biotechnologies

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