Supercharged AI formicroscopy images

Biodock's cloud AI platform extracts answers from image data. Forever free for academics.

Use a .edu account when signing up for even higher storage and analysis limits.

Trusted by top scientists and companies nationwide

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One platform for AI microscopy analysis

Manage your images, run powerful AI analysis in the cloud, and launch beautiful built-in visualizations. Biodock runs from your browser - no install necessary.

Your images, in the cloud

The image and data storage that you expect, made by scientists and trusted by scientists nationwide.

Simple cloud storage and access
Upload your image files directly from your browser and access it anywhere. Download or view with one click.
Built-in cloud data integrations
Biodock provides data store integrations so you can easily link thousands of images from your existing data provider, like Amazon S3.
Unlimited scale
Stop setting up data infrastructure - our storage scales to petabytes of data to handle any data requirement.

One-click AI analysis

We've built the infrastructure to handle batch AI jobs at any scale. Eliminate bias, time, and errors with Biodock's easy interface.

AI cell segmentation
Our AI cell segmentation module performs 40-50% more accurately than leading traditional models, with a tenth of the configuration.
Custom AI analysis
We label your data, train, and productionize your custom analysis in the cloud, reducing analysis time by 95%. Contact us.

Results for the toughest images

Get access to the outputs you need, and use our powerful data visualization tools to answer your difficult questions.

Identify populations like flow cytometry
Separate populations by drawing gates or with our powerful statistical tool. Identify, overlay, and visualize positive cells or crossfilter by morphology.
On platform, or offline
Never feel locked in. At any time, download the raw CSV file generated by our AI algorithms to run your own downstream analysis.

We've nailed the fundamentals

Security, IP ownership, and buy-in are the last thing you want to worry about. We take these fundamentals very seriously, and our policies just make sense.

Top-level cloud security
All scientific and user data is stored exclusively on AWS in the US, encrypted at rest, and served with SSL in-transit. We use a SOC2 audited authentication provider.
Simple privacy and IP ownership
We never sell or share your data to third parties. We're comfortable with working under NDA. Only you own the IP you discover with our platform - we're just proud to get you there!
Buy-in for scientists
No more long training sessions or instruction manuals. Our well-documented platform has an intuitive and collaborative user interface that makes it easy to get on the same page.

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